Freud, the uncanny valley, and death: reflections on a trip to the Robots exhibition

In medieval times human-like figures run by hidden mechanisms were used in churches to make peasant worshippers believe in a higher power. These mechanisms created the illusion of self-motion (moving without assistance) which made people assume that the figures were somehow alive. As humans, we readily perceive emotional states in everything that is vaguely lifelike … Continue reading Freud, the uncanny valley, and death: reflections on a trip to the Robots exhibition

Ethical dilemmas of “smart” technologies

We tend to assume that technology is neutral, but is it? Behind every technology, there is a human being. Beliefs, opinions, ideologies are inevitably going to be part of what we create.

Neutrality is inefficient in our world. We take decisions based on frameworks of individual beliefs and social codes. Those are the lens through which we see the world. They allow us to act and respond to our environment efficiently. Inevitably we will have to create frameworks for our “smart” machines, but how will we do that successfully?

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Health in your hands

As societies get increasingly accustomed to new technologies, innovators in healthcare and the creative industry are challenged in unlocking technologies for a certain group of people. Marlies Drives (surgeon, AMC) thinks that both doctors and patients can greatly benefit from apps and other mobile technologies. She herself is experimenting in the operating room with Google Glass. … Continue reading Health in your hands

Is Oslo recruiting foreign talent?

The World Economic Forum’s Report on Global Competitiveness for 2012-13 sees Norway’s lack of competitiveness as an obstacle to future growth.  Its ageing workforce, coupled with inflexible labor rules compound the problem. The report ranked three out of the four Nordic nations, namely Sweden, Norway and Finland, in the bottom twentieth percentile of the 144 countries surveyed … Continue reading Is Oslo recruiting foreign talent?